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The Virtual BEEF Experience – February 1-4

Tune in to The Virtual BEEF Experience the first week in February for four days of valuable industry insight and discussion. We aren’t asking for four whole days of your time. Rather we invite you to spend a little time with us each day (Monday-Thursday) to participate in that day’s presentation, connect with industry colleagues and discuss and explore the new ideas and concepts being presented.

  • Findings of BEEF’s recently completed research into the stocker/backgrounder sector will be unveiled. This is exclusive research jointly conducted by BEEF and Zoetis.
  • Pasture management insight will be presented along with details on how good management can boost your herd’s health and performance.
  • Want to know more about what the next generation of genomics means for your bottom line?
  • And what about all this talk about a drought?

We’ll be exploring all this plus sharing our complete stocker survey report and taking a look at the top seedstock operations of 2020.

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